Hip to be square!

I have a new love of squares. Coloured squares that is. Granny style actually.

I am new to crochet and have just mastered the glorious granny square.

DSC_0282 So then I continued, practice, practice, practice after all eh?

One became three.....
One became three…..

Then I just carried on. I’m up to 6 now, all random colours, no real plan or colour scheme, just squares ad squares and squares!

I have my eye on an old wooden rocking chair that I want to complete with a crocheted, multi coloured granny square blanket so I can lounge outside in the garden during the summer. I know call me old before my time, square if you like, a saddo if it takes your fancy………………………… I really do not give a SHIT!! There I have said it. It’s what I want, it’s what I like and it’s what I will have.

Oh and long may my love of granny squares continue- so there!

So is it hip to be square?


2012….I get my life back!

2012….I get my life back!


Well, relatively speaking anyway.

My son has now finished his run in panto this season and my body is very, very thankful it is all over.

The last few days have been spent looking through all the presents again. Taking time to read through books and listen to CD’s and actually play with some of the games that the boys got.

The decorations have come down and have been put away until next Christmas, and the house has resumed it’s normal look and feel. It has been the boy’s last day off today before they return to school and Mr B returns to work. So tomorrow will be blissfully quiet for me.

I managed to enjoy a fabulously chilled Christmas day with the family and my Mum and brother who had come to stay.

That was until my cat made a quick escape past us and caught my mum on the face millimetres away from her eye. These events are not unusual in my house as a few years ago she came and fractured her pelvis trying to play tennis with the boys. Last year we were all ill with ‘Swine Flu’…..     I’m sure you are getting the picture now.

Anyway, the last panto show was on New Years Eve. After, we headed off to Bluewater for a nice meal and a cinema visit before returning home to see in the new year and let off our lanterns with 2012 wishes on.

I haven’t caught up on all my blog reading and Twitter following yet so haven’t seen all of your New Years resolutions. I’ve decided to learn new skills this year and get back to my knitting, something I really enjoyed doing many years ago. But also to learn how to crochet as it’s something I have never attempted.

I cannot go down the route of exercise and diet as my body is taking a long time to recover from the panto schedule. Conventional exercise for me is out of the question at the moment as I suffer with chronic pain and chronic illness.

I’d also like to do more reading as this is something I have neglected for some time. I’ve been given a copy of ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ as one of my Christmas gifts and I’m really looking forward to starting that.

So, that’s me back to normality, with a regular routine about to start from tomorrow.

A New Year.

A New Start.

A New Skill.

How has your New year been so far and what are your resolutions?