Siro-A a show worth seeing!

I’m not sure if you know who this group are. They don’t sing or play instruments.

They dance to ‘techno’ dance style music mixed with lasers/ lights and tech images all combined to create a fantastic, unique show.

I had the chance to go and see their show in Leicester Square in London on Saturday. I took my OH and my 2 teens and we all enjoyed it for different reasons.

First of all, this is not the show for you if you suffer with migraines or epilepsy!! The show is based around VERY loud dance music and laser and sometime flashing lights!

However, if you are not in that minority then you cannot fail to like it. Their precision and timing are spot on and the routines are fabulously entertaining. The show lasts around an hour and beforehand they have a character come out into the crowd to film you and pop you on the screen adding cartoons! MY OH ENDED UP A SUMO WRESTLER!!!!

Check out these videos to get an idea of what the show style is:

 Siro-A Video

Siro-A Trailer

THE SHOW IS ONLY THERE UNTIL 22ND APRIL 2013 and tickets start from around £17

They are also running a competition to win  two tickets to see them, a night in a luxury hotel and a slap up meal as the prize. It can be found here: