1 family 2 funerals

1 family 2 funerals

This is the reason I have been so quiet lately. It also accounts for my Britmums Live post being so late!

For some reason everything seemed to happen all at once.

So either side of the week of Britmums Live was a bit mad. Mr B’s Nan had taken ill a week or so before so we had several trips up to the hospital to see her and helping out my MIL with dinners and washing etc as she had spent most of her time at the hospital. Then I get the news that my Nan had been taken to hospital!

But it wasn’t that simple just to pop to see her. She lives in Belfast and I’m in London so it’s not exactly round the corner. At that point they had only given her 24hrs to live. However, it was the same for Mr B’s Nan and she lasted a full 2 weeks.So with that in mind and knowing how quick the funerals take place over there I opted to wait and go to say my goodbyes at the funeral.

However, as it worked out Mr B’s Nan had already passed away and her funeral was arranged for the 25th of June. I spent the few days on the run up to and the time during Britmums Live waiting for the call to say my Nan had passed away. My week after the Britmums weekend consisted of:

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