No big New Years resolutions here

I’m no spring chicken at 48 years old, and I have done my time over the years at making new years resolutions only to last a few weeks and fall right back into the habits of a lifetime, but with the added bonus of feeling like a failure to boot – and that’s before I now factor in a chronic illness that sees me deal with constant pain every day. I’ve certainly learned over the past 10 years of dealing with illness and pain that I have very little control of how my body will be from day to day. It eats away at any control you have over life in general, on a daily basis, let alone factor in dramatic new years resolutions like joining a gym, or getting out running or even walking for that matter. Any activity I do has a huge knock on affect that impacts what I will be able to do either later that day or for a few days after.

So this year, as with the last previous few years, I have opted for very small changes across the year that then accumulate to make a bigger change overall, without putting any pressure on myself or creating unnecessary anxiety. The changes are very small steps that creates a bit of a ripple into the year, and yet they can be totally achievable even with a chronic illness.

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2014 goals!

I’m not going in for all the new Year resolution crap this year. Diet, exercise, less alcohol blah blah blah!! I’m not knocking those that are- more power to you but I NEVER keep my resolutions so I’m not going to even bother.

I can’t exercise due to the M.E and my diet will get back to normal after all the Christmas food and goodies are eaten. I no longer drink like a fish although I give it a good go on occasion I don’t feel I drink enough to say I need to cut down ( no I’m not an in denial alcoholic- honest).

So with this all in mind I put my own mind to things that I want to learn or achieve this year. I have also kept the list small and very simple so it’s more than possible to achieve and therefore maybe spur me on to do some more.

Since dealing with long term illness I have increasingly become better at appreciating the smaller things in life. Yeah don’t get me wrong I still want to win the Lottery and live the life but in the meantime it nice to find happiness in the LITTLE things.

**So first on the list is to learn to CROCHET!! I know ‘go me’ next I will be at the WI ( did contemplate it actually!). I’m an avid knitter but cannot for the life of me teach myself to crochet. So  I have today booked myself on a one day course at a local yarn shop in just over a weeks time- YAY. There is another follow on course in Feb so that will definitely be my next step if I get the hang of it.

**Second on the list is to acquire a fabulous (grown up style) camera with a proper lens and everything to get more into photography. This has mostly come about due to the blogging side of things. I want to take fabulous and inspiring pics like some of those brill bloggers out there! I have actually a new budget of £260 for this after a generous Christmas donation from both my Mum and my in-laws. My OH and I are pooling all our Christmas pennies together for this as he has just as much interest in photography as me ( more as he used to work in the photography business many moons ago). We know exactly the camera we want and are constantly checking the sales at the moment so it will be bought VERY soon I hope.

**This leads me onto my third goal which is more of a blogging goal. Once I get familiar with my camera then I’m going to get myself on Instagram baby!! I would like to be part of that via my blog  as a different outlet for it.

That’s it- see I told you it was short and sweet. Also I’m sure that you have noticed non of it is diet or exercise or health related. I’m thinking that if I can complete this list then it will boost me on to start other things too. All of which should bring some confidence boosting and enjoyment.

So here’s to my very small and non- health related goal list for 2014!

What’s on yours?