Bexleyheath Marriott Leisure Club

Bexleyheath Marriott Leisure Club – Review

Last week I was invited along to the Leisure Club in Bexleyheath’s Marriott Hotel to have a look around their facilities in particular their new gym equipment.

Now as most of you know I am not able to use these sorts of machines due to my illness. However, I managed to coax Mr B to come along for the afternoon to possibly try some of it out.

If you’re anything like me, you probably would think that the facilities in the hotel’s leisure club are strictly for the hotel guests, or for those booked onto a spa day retreat. But this could not be further from the truth. In fact the Bexleyheath Marriott leisure club already has over 600 local members.

It has a small swimming pool ( the type you would totally expect in a hotel) that has a decent sized raised jacuzzi at one end. It has comfortable lounge seating along each side of the pool. Just off to the side there is both a steam room and a sauna and separate showers. So once you are changed and in this area all these facilities are together. The whole space is set out as you would imagine a day spa to be and there are often clients in there in their robes enjoying a spa afternoon.

Just before you reach the leisure club reception desk itself is a separate gym room with all the equipment your regular gym would provide. Again it is the size you would expect from a hotel facility. So it’s not huge, but it is extremely well equipped and set out in a manner that allows them to make the most of the space.

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Kelloggs, Swimming and Olympic and Paralympic Hero’s

Although my boys are now 12 and 14 when they were younger there was one thing that I always thought was important. This was never going to be one of the things they had a choice in doing. They were made to do swim lessons until they were safe and comfortable swimming in the deep end. After that I left it to their choice. Both my kids still love to go swimming either with us as a family or with their friends independently. This is a life skill that will be with them forever and I can be calm in the knowledge that if they do water activities at all I know they are strong enough swimmers to at least help themselves should it be necessary.

Obviously the Olympics in London this year caused such a buzz for everyone and so it’s the right time to introduce more children to sport. This one is aimed particularly at swimming……….take a look below.

The importance of getting your kids swimming with our Olympic heros

Watch our video with Ellie Simmons to see the importance of swimming at the ASA Swimtastic Awards

Swimming is a skill that all kids should learn and a skill that remains with them throughout their lives;  and a great form of exercise which promotes both health and social skills in young people. The aerobic exercise doesn’t place stress on developing joints and the water provides a therapeutic environments for children, including those with disabilities.

One of the enduring images of the Paralympics was of swimmer Ellie Simmonds crying tears of joy as she overcame exhaustion and fatigue to beat her rivals to yet another gold medal. Ellie eptimosises the spirit of the Paralymics, overcoming adversity to become a world class sportswoman who has inspired a generation.

Not surprisingly the 18 year old is a huge advocate for the sport of swimming, considering the opportunities it has given her in her life and last weekend she joined a number of other British swimmers to celebrate the role of swimming in the lives of ordinary Brits at the ASA Swimtastic Awards.

Hosted by former Olympic swimmer and now commentator Steve Parry, the awards celebrated some of the country’s most outstanding non-elite achievements in the pool.

Held every year, the awards recognise children, as well as those responsible for providing swimming lessons. The awards are divided into ten clear categories and recognise achievements made through the Kellogg’s ASA Awards Scheme.

Watch our video to learn more about this year’s winners and see how Paralympians and Olympians, such as Ellie Simmons, have inspired people to get involved.

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My New Family Addition!

I hereby welcome my newest family addition. This has been a long time coming as I had put it off for such a long time! Now however, the time is right. But I want to tell you it truly is a love/ hate relationship. Can we love something and hate it at the same time?? Well I think I do. I love what it enables me to do but hate it as it draws people that I do not know to stare look and therefore makes me uncomfortable.

So here’s my new addition……………………………what do you think?

My ankle pain has been so bad since before Christmas that I have ‘given in’ and bought a walking stick to help. I have to travel to London regularly with my youngest and his acting activities that it has become a necessity!! I refuse to use it all the time however, if I know I am going to be out for an extended period I will take it with me.

So I love it because it truly helps me when I am out walking but hate it at the same time as I see people look at the stick and look at me!!! What is it?? Never seen someone with a f**king walking stick before?? It does not mean I am mentally retarded or ‘care in the community’……………………………….it just means I need help to be on my feet for longer!!!

I feel as though I need a sign around my neck saying ‘I am normal you know- no need to treat me any differently’.

My health borough refuses to pay for any M.E treatment so I don’t have access to therapy groups, or OT’s or programmes to help me manage the condition better. I have to use what works for me- and this helps for those days I know I will be having to walk longer distances. I am always in pain especially in my ankles however I refuse to confine myself to bed or stay indoors and so this is seen as a solution to problem that I have to face.


Do you know of anyone who needs walking aids or help to get around who is frustrated with how they are viewed?

Organised chaos or festive meltdown?

I have to appologise big time for complete neglect of my blog over the last few weeks.Also for the very late reviews of a few products that should have been done a long time ago.


Virtually everyday since the end of November my youngest has been rehearsing or performing in Panto ( Chatham Peter Pan- with Vanilla Ice! if your close enough to go!!!). However, it truly has taken a toll on my health. I thought I had my M.E under control to a certain extent. With that I mean I know what I can be capable of from day to day and how much rest I will need in order to get through the day. But this has knocked me off my feet……..literally.

I am now at the stage where I spend most of the day in bed in order to cope with the drive to Chatham and chaperone duties before driving home and going back to bed. I haven’t eaten a proper meal in over a week ( great diet before Christmas LOL) not because I don’t want to but because of the constant nausea I have. I seem to be living off plain biscuits and the odd slice of toast- not great when I have to try and take Tramadol to counteract the muscle pain in my ankles and neck!

I am completely behind on Christmas and have to fit in a food shop at some point for my fresh veg etc. My house looks as though I have refugees living in it and my washing pile is taking over my little study room!

I have spent my day off today in bed until 1pm and then went shopping with my OH as I realised I had no stocking presents for the boys and had some presents still outstanding! I have managed to eat out tonight- my first main meal all week.

I have not even logged online to update or read my usual blogs I like to keep up with. I have Christmas products still waiting to be reviewed. I am back to the panto tomorrow with the next day off at Christmas day.

One thing that has become very clear is confirmation that I would struggle to go back to my job! I have often thought that maybe I could manage a few days a week or a few hours each day. But I have realised that I am able to do the things I do normally because I do not work! If I was to go back then my quality of life would go dramatically downhill. We have had no family time since this panto has started as I am in bed recovering either before or after. I am missing time with the boys and with my OH who also works shifts ( so sometimes is not there when we are!)

So without being a bah humbug I truly cannot wait until the last panto show is over on the 31st December.

In the meantime I will try to get organised, try to enjoy Christmas, and try to at least eat my Christmas dinner!!

Panto is a great opportunity for my youngest who loves his acting, and I would hate to stop him doing something like that due to me. But next year I really will think twice before committing to it!!