The one where I ended up in A&E!

Yes, there was no avoiding it. There was no other way around it. I had to go to A&E.

That was me on Tuesday. I had gone fishing with y OH and my FIL ( yes I fish- get over it).

I have the season record for the largest fish this year, a carp weighing in at 10lb 7oz, and as Tuesday was going to be our last day out at the lakes I was hoping my record was going to be in tact by the end of the day.

Now it has been said that I would obviously go to any lengths not to have my record broken by my OH- but this was pushing it.

I am not into self harming, so sticking a fecking barbed hook into my little finger is not my idea of fun or a way to keep my record unbeaten!! None the less that is exactly what happened.



This was it after I had local anesthetic and the barbed end pulled through!! Fecking Hell it bloody hurt………..then he decided to get clippers from theatre and snip the end off so it could all be pulled out fully…………to say it smarted a little was the biggest understatement. To add insult to injury he decided to stick me with a Tetanus as well.

So to all you who think fishing is boring, relaxing and nondescript- I BEG TO DIFFER!!

It has now been put on my list of dangerous/ extreme sports.

Needless to say I wont be sticking a hook in my finger again anytime soon.



What happens when you turn 40!

Life begins at 40 is what they say. People can start new things, try new things, and start to get some of their lives back as the children start to get older. For some it can be new relationships, new house, new country even.

I’m not sure what has happened to me since I turned 40 almost 2 yrs ago. Things have changed for me in so many ways:

*I now have a long term illness that stops me from working and makes me quite dependant on others around me

* After years of stating I would NEVER camp I now am a complete camping covert

* I am now old enough to have both of my children at Secondary school ( from September)

* I am now the owner of 2 cats- after never being a ‘cat lover’!

* I have now started knitting and LOVE it

* I know walk using a walking stick!


* I now LOVE to go FISHING!!!!

I know I know there must be something seriously wrong!

The tip of my fishing rod with a passing duck!!
My first catch……… laughing allowed!
Each one is getting bigger……YAY

We headed out after the youngest went to school and set up, it was a lovely day and very peaceful. In fact I didn’t want to leave and have already booked my next trip out on the calendar!!


Crazy things can start to happen when you turn 40…………BE WARNED PEOPLE………BE WARNED!