The trouble with………..

The trouble with………..


Long Term Illness

Is that from one day to the next you never know what it is going to throw at you! The last month has been unbelievably hard, my M.E symptoms have been flaring up.

The exhaustion I have had has left me in my pj’s most days until at least 3 or 4pm. The pain in my muscles has seen me put on new medication (that isn’t working) and generally feeling crap about everything including myself. I have found it difficult to be on here at all and have had no enthusiasm for it. But that is getting back to normal.

Mother’s Day with teens

Is that the presents change as I found out this year. I got my usual ‘little’ things that I love, mugs/ good coffee and other bits. But I also had a more unusual gift which looked initially like this

present ideas

present ideaspresent ideaspresent ideas






Are you getting the theme here?

But tucked inside was this……….a random Mother’s day potato! I’ve never laughed so much that I have at the randomness of this.

present ideas



The school holidays with teens

Is that they actually want to spend most of it in bed or in their rooms.

Now the late mornings I am not complaining about but the wasting of days I am. Gone are the days where I would have everyday planned out with them, activities, visiting, meeting with friends at the park etc.

Now they are teens, especially my eldest, he had some of his own things going on. He went out with friends to the cinema and bowling etc so a lot of the days were already planned. I do miss the old days but actually found this school holiday far more relaxing than previous ones. We did have the odd day out, Whitstable and Herne Bay -that sort of thing.


Me and my lovely boys!


We also had some great card game nights after my MIL taught my youngest a few new games when he stayed over for the night at their caravan.

So, there has been lots going on but I haven’t been that bothered about sharing it all until now.

I will get back into the flow of things and have missed reading all my regular blogs and my conversations on Twitter. But I have to admit the break has done me some good.

So will be churning a few more posts in the next few days about what has been going on around here like my eldest turning 16!

Now that’s another post



M.E Awareness Week starts 6th May.

Regular readers will know I have had M.E for the past 3 years. This affects me and my family everyday. I have lately introduced myself to a *cough* lovely walking stick ( Oh the Joys).

Anyway, most people hear M.E and think

‘ Oh yeah that’s the one that makes you a bit tired and lazy’!!!!!!!!

Not only would I love to change this attitude but I would love to raise more awareness about this ‘invisible’ illness. Some Gp’s don’t even recognise it and your a very lucky patient if you get an understanding GP who can direct you in the right direction for help. I have a great GP however when I was referred to a CFS ( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E) clinic my NHS borough decided they would refuse to pay for any treatment out of borough. Since then I have been left to deal with this illness in the best way I can, taking very strong painkillers and muscle relaxants to help with the pain I suffer everyday.

So take the time to take a look at the videos below which may help you understand what we go through on a daily basis.

M.E/CFS Sleepydust Video

M.E/CFS A Torturous Disease

What is M.E/CFS

These video’s can explain it much better than I can. I hope you have a better understanding now and no longer think us sufferer’s are lazy!!

If you know someone with M.E the greatest thing you can do is to believe them and understand.