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These are perfect for your little school stars starting in their reception, Yr1 or Yr2 classes.

A great back to school pack for your little newbies at school. A school set with a pencil shaped bookmark, a coin pouch for those collections and school fairs etc, and a fruit cover to keep their fruit from getting bruised and dirty in their new book bags

Available in your chosen colours, suitable for boys and girls.
Price £7.50
p&p £1.50 if needed

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Lately I have been…….

KNITTING!  Yes I know I’m so rock’n’roll

Anyway, I’m trying to make my new venture work and so my needles have been ablaze!

Here’s a sneak peak at my latest makes:

A gorgeous laptop cover decorated with heart buttons
A cute little cabled doggy jumper


Some lovely lace patterned bookmarks
An I Phone cover

All of the above are available here on the Facebook page.

I’m hoping to very soon open an Etsy online shop, but in the meantime if there is anything on the Facebook page that you are interested in just comment below or email me at

Right I’m off to start a new pattern for a kindle cover!

What’s your latest creative make?


What happens when you turn 40!

Life begins at 40 is what they say. People can start new things, try new things, and start to get some of their lives back as the children start to get older. For some it can be new relationships, new house, new country even.

I’m not sure what has happened to me since I turned 40 almost 2 yrs ago. Things have changed for me in so many ways:

*I now have a long term illness that stops me from working and makes me quite dependant on others around me

* After years of stating I would NEVER camp I now am a complete camping covert

* I am now old enough to have both of my children at Secondary school ( from September)

* I am now the owner of 2 cats- after never being a ‘cat lover’!

* I have now started knitting and LOVE it

* I know walk using a walking stick!


* I now LOVE to go FISHING!!!!

I know I know there must be something seriously wrong!

The tip of my fishing rod with a passing duck!!
My first catch……… laughing allowed!
Each one is getting bigger……YAY
And bigger still!
Typical men………………they always have to win!!

We headed out after the youngest went to school and set up, it was a lovely day and very peaceful. In fact I didn’t want to leave and have already booked my next trip out on the calender!!


Crazy things can start to happen when you turn 40…………BE WARNED PEOPLE………BE WARNED!

Knitting Project #7-9 – 2012

I have actually knitted lots but hate the sewing up part, that way I have lots of projects knitted but not finished!!

So here are a few I have managed to finish properly and photograph.

Girls sparkly hand warmers complete with bows!
Summer scarf- cotton mix so cool to wear
Beanie hat complete with sparkly flower

I still have more to post but I need to stop procrastinating and get on with the bloody sewing up!!

The projects are getting a little more involved each time so watch this space for the next few.

Knitting project #6 – 2012

This isn’t officially my 6th project, I have done others but they aren’t quite finished (need to find some nice buttons for them!) so therefore this one is being posted about first.

I had seen this in one of my books and thought that it would be perfect. I had picked up some lovely Aran wool in Dusky Pink from a craft show a few weeks ago at Bluewater.

Anyway, I loved this one as it got me back into a bit of cable work but on a beginner level. This I made for my God daughters birthday as she needed to something to put her net book into!!

Unfortunately the colour doesn’t show up that well in the pictures as they were taken on my phone but it’s almost like a salmon pink.

It was worked in simple garter stitch with a small cable running up each side. This can be made smaller or bigger depending on what you want the bag to be used for. It would be easy to pop in some material to line it and make it stronger too.

I have since thought of ways to adapt this pattern to possibly try a laptop cover without the handles!


Knitting project #4 – 2012

Ok here it is………………another scarf!!!

But this one was different, I used the biggest needles I have ever knitted with (20mm) and a pattern that read really easy but did take me a while to work out!!


Really can you believe the size of those needles? I had to put the pencil in the picture just so you could get the idea!!


It was like knitting with 2 branches from the tree in the garden!!

However, I persevered and this is what I ended up with. I’m really pleased with it too, and once I got in to the pattern it was a total breeze.

Now I’m really getting into this knitting malarkey and have another couple of projects to post. Now I’m wondering whether I should look to make and sell items. At the moment I am off work through long term illness so I need something non physical to do and I would love to earn an income( however small). I have been looking at the Etsy site and wondering would it be worth me selling on there? Looking at what can be sold on there I’m thinking:

Scarves, gloves, cup cosies, bottle covers, flower brooches, kids toys, hot water bottle covers, hats, small dog jumpers (yes they really sell), baby blankets etc.

What do you think? Would these sell?

If you sell on Etsy and advice would be gratefully received.

On to the next one!




Knitting project #3 – 2012

I had made a scarf for my Mum as one of her pressies from the boys. My brother was suitably impressed and commented he wouldn’t mind a ‘proper’ knitted scarf!

So voila……………………….my 3rd project of the year!

I had picked up some wool in the sales after Christmas and this was perfect for his scarf. Not too technical but great practice!

Not modelled by my brother……..but my OH!

VERDICT:  he likes it! (my brother that is! )

Now onto the next project…………………………

Knitting project #2- 2012

Ok this may be cheating a little but I still knitted them!!

A smaller version of my 1st project, as requested by my youngest son- in his favourite colour!!!

Yes he honestly requested these............It confirms he is actually mad!

Laughingly my eldest has now requested a pair, in a more muted colour of course. I think I could restart a fashion!!!

However, he will have to wait as I am half way through project #3.


Knitting project #1- 2012

This year one of my New Year’s resolutions was to learn new skills. I can knit but really basic stuff so I wanted to get back to it this year and obviously improve. I would also like to learn how to crochet ( something I have never done). I feel like i’m turning into an old lady already!!!

However, I started and here is my first knitting project of 2012………….a pair of wrist warmers!!!!! ( stop laughing, I can hear you).


Remember I was thinking............practical!!

Ok, so they are not the prettiest of things but I do suffer horrendously from the cold so they are actually practical- they are a necessity to keep my hands warm whilst I’m on the laptop!! PRIORITIES LADIES.

Anyway, my youngest was so impressed ( bless him) he wanted a smaller pair in red!!!! So that will be my next project!

Have you decided to learn something new? Go on be brave and share………………





2012….I get my life back!!


Well, relatively speaking anyway.

My son has now finished his run in panto this season and my body is very, very thankful it is all over!

The last few days have been spent looking through all the presents again, taking time to read through books and listen to CD’s and actually play with some of the games that the boys got.

Decorations have come down and put away until next Christmas and the house has resumed it’s normal look and feel. It has been the boy’s last day off today before they return to school and OH returns to work………….tomorrow will be blissfully quiet for me.

I managed to enjoy a fabulously chilled Christmas day with the family and my Mum and brother who had come to stay. That was until my cat made a quick escape past us and caught my mum on the face millimetres away from her eye!! ( these events are not unusual in my house as a few years ago she came and fractured her pelvis trying to play tennis with the boys, and last year we were all ill with ‘Swine Flu’……………..your getting the picture now!).

Anyway, the last panto show was on New Years Eve and we headed off to Bluewater for a nice meal and a cinema visit before returning home to see in the new year and let off our lanterns with 2012 wishes on.

I haven’t caught up on all my blog reading and Twitter following yet so haven’t seen all of your New Years resolutions. I have decided to learn new skills this year and not only get back to my knitting ( something I really enjoyed doing many years ago) but also to learn how to crochet (something I have never attempted!!).

I cannot go down the route of exercise and diet as my body is taking a long time to recover from the panto schedule and exercise for me is out of the question at the moment ( as I suffer with M.E).

I would also like to do more reading as this is something I have neglected for some time. I have been given ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ as one of my Christmas gifts and I’m really looking forward to starting that.

So, that’s me back to normality, with a regular routine about to start from tomorrow.

A New Year.

A New Start.

A New Skill.

How has your New year been so far and what are your resolutions?