My Britmums Live sponsor

My Britmums Live sponsor

This post should have been done well before now and for that I apologise!

Britmums Live

Anyway, last year I was at home too scared to get a Britmums Live ticket and kept up with all the goings on via Twitter and really felt like I had missed out. I was determined to go this year. Although as the day approaches I am getting very nervous and hoping I wont be the ‘Billy No Mates’ there.

However, I was lucky enough to be offered a Britmums Live Sponsor from a really lovely guy and his company who I had the pleasure of reviewing the products.

Ade is a great fella to deal with. He’s very chatty and down to earth, and lets face it when you are talking about the things that are concerned in a Will then you don’t want to be dealing with some stuffy suit in an office. I was lucky enough to be close enough for him to come an visit personally while sorting my will however, even over the phone he is very friendly and comfortable to talk to.

Those of you that subscribe to my blog will have received an email before Christmas about his company’s Will service with a special offer thrown in for good measure. Those of you who haven’t sorted a will can easily get in contact with him by visiting his website Maximum Inheritance Specialists.

So thanks to Ade I will definitely be attending Britmums Live this year. In less than a week (nerves are kicking in) and I am really looking forward to actually meeting those of you I chat with online with.