I feel like a proper Grown Up

I have always wanted a proper camera, you know the ones you see people with and envy greatly. The ones that look like a proper camera with a real lens and everything!

This is something we have been promising ourselves for a few years now but has been totally out of our price range. We have always made do with a compact point and shoot and then totally regret it as the quick pics end up blurred or the zoom is never good enough for close up pics or the on the move pics.

But this weekend we actually did it. We went and got our ‘grown up’ camera. It is a Nikon D3100 DSLR style with it’s seperate lens. We feel very lucky as both our parents gave us enough money at Christmas to splash out on this otherwise we still would not have it!

our new baby
our new baby!

You like it? We went on a recommendation from my brother as we actually had no clue what we were looking for. But this one allows us to take pictures, video, great zoom capacity and lots of gadgets which is exactly what we wanted.

So at the moment I have only looked longingly at it and turned it on, but I am determined after setting my 2014 Goals that I will not let this gadget rot in it’s box. I will be going through the instructions ( something I never do) and start taking FABULOUS pictures.

So watch this space!