Have PR’s forgotten about teenagers?

I have definitely been thinking about this for a while now with regards to the blogging world.

It almost seems like companies and their PR’s are only interested in children under a certain age. Once they hit major the major teenage years it looks as though there are no need for reviews from any sort of company!

Yet I think this is an important part of the market. People are always talking online about their teens, how to engage them in activities with the family, how to occupy them over the school hols etc.

Gone are the days of walks in the woods, trips to the park and indoor craft days! Teenagers like technology, films, music, apps, online games, games for consoles all of which do not stop being interesting at the age of 12. So how do these products get reviewed, say games or films aimed at a 15 and above age group. Also, do companies then think that all teens do not want a day out with their family? Of course they do but they want a day out that is aimed at their age group, Theme parks, theatre shows, beauty and hair products, clothing, books, ¬†films , tourist attractions or even restaurants such as TGIF’s etc that are aimed at the teenage and above market.

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