Do you DIY?

This is something I have always put off as does my OH! His Dad has been a carpenter and decorator for around 50 years and is in his 70’s now- although still very able and is building us a new shed as I type ( I kid you not!).

But at the beginning of this year I took a fancy to buy an old welsh dresser and ‘up-cycle’ it by myself………………like I mentioned before this is totally OFF my radar. However, armed with the chalk paint and wax the cabinet went from this:

As bought with glass doors taken off!

To this:

Something I am VERY chuffed about for a complete DIY novice!

I must say I got a real buzz from knowing that I had done the work all by myself.Knowing then that I could do it has spurred me on to look at other parts of the house. I am currently repainting existing frames to use after my OH attempted a bit of wallpapering for the first time ever…………..after some helpful and expert advice from his Dad

It started with just a ‘feature wall’…….
To a ‘feature corner’!!!

Which in all honesty I think he did a great job ( although OBVIOUSLY I would never tell him that LOL) and a little re-decoration has gone a LONG way to changing up our front room on a budget.

Now although we have a wealth of information from our expert in the family my OH actually likes to do it off his own back without relying on his Dad, and for this the Internet is a Godsend. We actually came across a great little FREE  eBook download on the Local Traders site called ’28 Tips on How to Decorate’ which takes you through the basic of jobs like wallpapering, polishing wooden floors, hanging pictures properly and many more. It is also written plainly with no confusing jargon and is aimed at people like myself who don’t really have a clue where to start! It even walks you through the tools you are going to need for the jobs. PERFECT

Also in these economic times if you can do some of the simpler jobs yourself your going to save a few pounds towards the projects that DO need a professional brought in. So my next challenge is to pimp my hallway to match my lovely painted cabinet!! LOL Possibly another feature wall with wallpaper, up-cycling of my frames and mirrors, and if I can do that myself ( by that I obviously mean my OH) then I will have saved enough for new curtains out there to really make the difference.


**DISCLOSURE: this post is in collaboration with Local Traders **