Addicted to foreign thrillers!

I totally blame my younger brother for this addiction that has taken over my life. It started with The Killing and the fair isle jumper wearing Sarah Lund and progressed onto the brilliant The Bridge with the strange but compelling Saga Noren who you just couldn’t help but like.

Then I went through the Wallander specials (not the series yet) and am now on series 2 of the French Spiral which again seems to be getting better by the series- oh and not forgetting the brilliant Salamander that was on recently. Anyway I am consoled at the fact I have still 2 series of Spiral to watch on Netflix along with the full Wallander from series 1. However, he has said that Arne Dahl is a must watch. I love the fact most of the main characters are flawed in some way making them more real.

I think I need them to stop making any more or I may not get my life back, as I cannot do¬†anything while I am watching due to the subtitles so my ironing is piling up and my knitting and crochet and even my on line time¬†have come to a standstill. My reasoning is that I need to marathon watch them so that they will be all out of the way and then life can resume its normality in this house…………… the family may also get fed!

*My name is Tracy and I am a foreign thriller addict*