Staying cool in summer heat with chronic illness

I thought I’d share a post sharing some tips on staying cool in the summer heat when you have chronic illness. Why?¬†Well because chronic illness and chronic pain make coping with everything much more difficult.

staying cool in summer with chronic illness


Here in the UK we don’t get a gradual warming of the weather leading up to our summer heat. One day we may be in a jumper and jeans and the next we are in shorts and flip flops! In short, our bodies do not get the gradual acclimatisation that other warmer countries may get as they go through the seasons. It’s not uncommon in the UK to get all 4 seasons in one day.

I think it’s hard enough for people with ‘normal’ working bodies to cope with our heatwaves. But throw in the complications of having a chronic illness that causes having no body temperature control.

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