The one hour Valentine

So I was on Twitter and Facebook for a while yesterday having a nosey at what everyone was getting up to on Valentines Day. We don’t really ‘do’ valentines after being married for almost 20 years! I prefer to have something planned on my anniversary instead.

Yesterday was no different and we just exchanged cards before¬†OH went off to work. The kids were at school all day and OH wasn’t going to be in until almost 7pm. Instead of a relaxing Friday night my taxi duties started at around 5ish as I had to go and pick up my 13yr old from a friends house and drop him to his drama class. My eldest was cooked some food before he headed of to his club and was due to be picked up around 9.30pm.

As you all know the weather was horrendous so I spent much longer in the car on my journey’s than I had intended but I did manage to pop into a local Sainsbury’s and grab a ¬£10 meal deal complete with wine!

So, after my youngest was home from drama and my OH had returned home I had the dinner ready as we had ONE WHOLE HOUR to eat and chill before the last club pick up. So not exactly a big extravaganza but at least I didn’t have to cook.

I did manage to clear half the table from the rubbish that gets piled on top of it and we did sit there for our food, and I even went to the trouble of lighting candles and everything LOL







But we were not alone!!

Talk about being watched!
Talk about being watched!

Then our youngest decided he would have some too so he came and joined us as well. We had our yummy desert before my OH left on the last pick up but unfortunately I was so eager to tuck in I didn’t take a picture but I can assure you it was lush. My OH did partake in alcohol once he had finished driving and by then I was in bed …………… and not for the reason you would expect!!

So that was it, all thrown together in an hour but at least the sentiment was there.

How was your Valentines?


Valentines Smalentines!

So is Valentines Day it important to you?

I can see the point behind it, really I can, but to be honest it has become BIG BUSINESS!!

Florists and shops increase the prices of everything, and if you are materialistic then this is a concern as things get more expensive for this one day.

However, I personally think that it’s the little things that make the bigger impression. No this is not an excuse to be a skinflint or unromantic.

We as a couple do not take the day off or head out to dinner on that day. Today for example, my OH is on late shift starting at lunchtime. So there was no option of going out for lunch or dinner, and generally we do Valentines dinner as a family where everyone has a hand in it. My boys are 12 and 14 so it would be nice to show them a simple sense of occasion.

So back to today, what did we do?

We got the kids off to school, went to our local high street Wetherspoon pub and had a breakfast together! Not exciting, obviously not over romantic, but it was time to ourselves and a meal eaten without disruption/ arguing etc. It was washed down with a good ol’ mug of tea and it totally went down a storm.

We did exchange cards in the morning and the boys had a card each. But that’s it, and if I’m very honest it was really nice, chilled out, relaxing and enjoyable.

Now my OH is at work , my dinner is with the boys before taking my eldest to his Explorer’s club tonight!

I don’t feel unloved, under appreciated or anything else because I didn’t get over priced flowers, or chocolates that I’m trying to cut down on or something fancy JUST because it is Valentines day today………………..DO YOU?

How has your day been?