Back to earth with a bump!

Yes, the story of my Mum in Meltdown life.

I have spent the last 3 weeks swanning around looking feeling pretending to be a yummy mummy in my brand new Volvo XC60 ( on loan only).

I have enjoyed my bum being warmed by the heated seats, the fantastic CD/DVD/Digital TV, the cruise control, the comfortable leather interior the genius Blindspot indicators and even the reversing camera. I have driven safely across over 400 miles both on longer journeys and lots of urban shorts, with the standard safety that Volvo insists on (as most of the safety features, Blis, side impact, extra airbags etc coming as standard).

Yet as I look out of my window today I see this…….

YES it’s the empty space where it used to sit!! They came yesterday and took it from me………my time with it was up *weeps into my coffee*!!

As you can see I will be back to driving my regular family ‘cab’ car again, with a very cold bum and no fancy extras.

Hey, who was I kidding anyway………… a yummy mummy?…………dream on!


Volvo XC60 Review Post

Volvo XC60

I was offered the chance to review a Volvo XC60 for several weeks to put it through it’s paces (as an ex driving instructor) as a standard family car and see what I thought about it.

We have a Vauxhall Zafira at the moment mainly for the extra seats for the kids friends and a massive boot for when we go camping as it easily holds all our gear. When the Volvo XC60 was delivered to us and was placed side by side with the Zafira on my small drive, I was actually surprised that it was the same length as the Zafira,  which holds an extra two seats or can be used as an estate sized boot space.

On first look at the Volvo I had expected the boot to be small, and this was simply going on the outline shape of the car itself. There’s no denying that it’s a meaty monster and sturdy as you would expect from Volvo and luckily for us it was pimped to the hilt.

Volvo XC60

The boot space was incredibly deceptive and if you want you can also half the size if it by putting up a divider so your lonely bag of shopping does not roll around as you drive.

One of the hidden advantages is that this bottom panel can be locked. So if the kids have their games consoles on a journey and you want to leave them in the car, you simply hide them under the panel and it locks, Therefore, even if someone broke into the back of the car this bottom panel  would remain locked and hopefully this added security measure will keep those valuables safe.

So yesterday the boys went to school and me and my husband took the Volvo XC60 on a drive out to the coast to give it it’s first major run. I know, you can hand me the ‘Bad Mother of the Year’ award now, but the trip was combined with Christmas shopping, so we could hardly take the boys with us, right?

My husband was eager to drive ,no surprise there, and it meant I could get some pics of the inside and take a proper look at things while I didn’t have to concentrate on actually driving. Granted the photos were taken on my phone and on the move but you can get the gist.

Volvo XC60

The control panel was pretty impressive without being overly technical. It has everything from a sat nav, a digital TV, a DVD and CD player, a phone and a reverse view camera. Not to mention the heated seat controls.

Now I’m only 5f 2  myself I tend to get a restricted view out the rear view mirror on most makes of car, and the Volvo XC60 is no exception. However, they have made an easy, straight forward and frankly common sense answer to this. Simply you can adjust the back seat headrests forward to get a more comprehensive view. Obviously this can only be used if no one is sitting in the back but this one adjustment makes all the difference for me as a driver. I can safely see as much as possible without any obstructions. As an ex driving instructor I can tell you this was huge for me. I am forever moving in my seat to give myself the most information in order to drive safely.

Volvo XC60
The normal view with headrests as usual in the way…..


Volvo XC60
The view with NO headrests

There is actually a button to put the headrests down. Be warned though when this button is pressed the headrests do spring down with urgency, so best not to make the mistake of pressing it while you have passengers in the back.

The car was definitely comfortable on a long run out. Both myself at only 5ft2 and my 6ft husband found the seats comfortable for both our needs .The sat nav worked a treat and when we had the radio on it would automatically lower in volume in order for you to hear the directions/ instructions clearly.  We had a play around with the cruise control which was definitely interesting and took a while to get used to not putting your foot on the accelerator. But we both felt this would be a great asset when doing a long motorway journey and wished we had planned a trip to see my family in Devon as we could have really put this to the test as we would be driving from London. However, even on a shorter journey we felt this was still a great advantage to

One of my favourite safety tricks it had was blind spot indicators. Now a an ex driving instructor I can tell you there is absolutely no better safety check than that glance over your shoulder before overtaking on a motorway. But I do admit that on a long journey that this is probably one of the areas that most people with overlook and just use the mirrors. So having a light indicator near your side mirrors is a simple but brilliant reminder to double check before you attempt to move lanes.

Volvo XC60

Now although we tried our best to fill the boot with the Christmas shopping we bought that day, I’m sorry to say it looked a little pitiful in the spacious monster. I would have loved to have tried filling it with all our camping gear for a trip though. But to be fair my husband is a tetris master at packing so would probably have no problems fitting it all in anyway.

Volvo XC60

We now only have just over one week left with the Volvo XC60, and I will be very sorry to see it taken away. We have just a run of the mill family car at the moment which does the job. However, its only when you actually test drive others in this class do you see and feel the real difference. So in the meantime I will just have to make every excuse possible to get back in this beauty and drive it as much as possible before it goes. To say I’m going to miss the heated seats is the biggest understatement ever.

Just Me Being Mrs B

OMG How the other half live………Volvo XC60 review

No I haven’t won the Lottery ( I’m still waiting on that) however, I am getting the chance to drive something you may buy if you did win the Lottery!

Ok I will explain. I was recently offered the chance to ‘Review’ a brand new car for 3 weeks!!! YES a brand new car, from the lovely Volvo people, with a full tank of petrol( or actually diesel in this case) and both myself and my OH fully insured to drive it.

Well lets face I would have been a complete mug to turn this opportunity down- wouldn’t I?

So this car was delivered to my door yesterday evening and the driver took me through a quick brief of all the gadgets, buttons and controls.

To say this car has been pimped is an understatement!!

The car itself is a Volvo XC60……………I realise that will probably mean nothing to most of you so I thought I would show you instead:

I want you to overlook the rather BRIGHT blue colour!

This was a quick snap taken when I went out in it today……………yes I have already put it to use! This picture does not really do it justice so I will be posting better ones over the next few weeks, as I will be posting about how ‘we’ as a family find the car for town journeys, shopping and days out, how family friendly it is, and how we all get on with the gadgets…………..and believe me there are many!!!

Sat Nav

CD and DVD player

Digital TV ( I know……….AMAZING!)

Cruise control

Bluetooth technology to sync my phone ready for hands free!

Sun Roof

Tinted back windows

Heated Seats people!!! HEATED SEATS

That’s before I start on the safety elements on the car- all of which I will go into in later posts. Today on my 1st run out I happened to notice a little orange light on the inside of the door opposite the wing mirror???? Now I kept seeing this light coming on and off and couldn’t work out why!! Then the penny dropped…………………..its a warning light indicating that someone is overtaking and in my blind spot!!! GENIUS

Now as an ex driving instructor some of the available gadgets do go against the grain at first sight- the reversing camera for one! I’m a true believer that if you going to drive a car then learn to do it properly without relying on anything to do it for you!! HOWEVER, I’ve got to say I found myself looking anyway as it comes on automatically……….so I may get converted yet.

So, to say I am a happy chappy is an understatement.

Notice the BIG smile………I didn’t actually realise I had colour co-ordinated myself to the car!!!! DUH

For the next 3 weeks I will be looking as though I’m living like the other (rich) half do!! Blimey, who knows I could make a ‘Yummy Mummy’ yet……………………………………………………..OK don’t hold your breath on that one.