My Britmums Live sponsor

My Britmums Live sponsor

This post should have been done well before now and for that I apologise!

Britmums Live

Anyway, last year I was at home too scared to get a Britmums Live ticket and kept up with all the goings on via Twitter and really felt like I had missed out. I was determined to go this year. Although as the day approaches I am getting very nervous and hoping I wont be the ‘Billy No Mates’ there.

However, I was lucky enough to be offered a Britmums Live Sponsor from a really lovely guy and his company who I had the pleasure of reviewing the products.

Ade is a great fella to deal with. He’s very chatty and down to earth, and lets face it when you are talking about the things that are concerned in a Will then you don’t want to be dealing with some stuffy suit in an office. I was lucky enough to be close enough for him to come an visit personally while sorting my will however, even over the phone he is very friendly and comfortable to talk to.

Those of you that subscribe to my blog will have received an email before Christmas about his company’s Will service with a special offer thrown in for good measure. Those of you who haven’t sorted a will can easily get in contact with him by visiting his website Maximum Inheritance Specialists.

So thanks to Ade I will definitely be attending Britmums Live this year. In less than a week (nerves are kicking in) and I am really looking forward to actually meeting those of you I chat with online with.


Who needs a Will?

There can only be one answer to that…………EVERYONE!

Especially if you are a home owner with kids. I was always of the opinion that we didn’t have anything to put in a will until we got advice and realised that actually our house is a huge investment and really if we want our kids to inherit it then we need to get it down on paper.

My in-laws only did a will several years ago when they were in their late 60’s and yet when you think about it that is leaving it a tad late. However, they were of the opinion that everything would be split equally between their boys, and I am sure that had anything had happened that’s exactly what would of happened. Yet when we got our advice it was extremely interesting to hear and think about the different scenarios that could happen especially with me and my OH only being in our 40’s *cough* young whippersnappers!

Also what was great about our advice was that all of it was to benefit our kids. In that I mean ways that things could be arranged to keep everything managed UNDER the Inheritance Tax levels!! Now for every hard working, tax paying, home owning person out there………that is a MUST.

We were lucky enough to be contacted by Ade from Maximum Inheritance Specialists  

to review the Will service that he provides. We really had no idea what to expect and he was extremely patient with us when we looked at him blankly when he was going through the questions to find out where to start with us! Anyway we got through it and it really was food for thought. You don’t want to think about possibilities of going your separate ways or something happening to you or your partner but he definitely makes you realise how important it is to consider in order to make sure your children are put first ( which most couples would want).

The service started with a phone call for basic details, and then followed up the following week with a home visit from Ade. He was at our house for about an hour and a half although I’m sure if my OH hadn’t asked soooooo many questions it would have been concluded long before then.

A few days later hall the sent an email with an outline of our will and trusts to confirm everything and then another meeting is planned, again for the next week. However, as I was ill on the day I had to re arrange the date which Ade was very accommodating. On his return he had all the paperwork ( and there was loads!) which he had already completed for us and all we were doing was signing with a witness to complete.

Again he was super helpful, and patient as the paperwork can get confusing LOL

After that the service was complete and although he can hold the wills for you, you are welcome to keep them for yourselves which is what we opted for.

Some people would question why bother with the service when you can walk into somewhere like WH Smith and buy one you can fill out, however, if you are anything like us you won’t have a clue where to start. It’s easy to say that your children or family will share it all equally however, when money is involved people can become very greedy and that’s when things go wrong.

Having now experienced a full will service from a company I would always advise everyone to do the same, the advice was eye opening and invaluable and the fact all the paperwork is done for you is a Godsend as it’s all in technical speak! We also found that the signing in the right places by the correct person to be of paramount importance as a wrong signature could make the whole document null and void- again better to have someone to tell you exactly where to sign.

Now lets face it these sorts of services don’t come cheap, but I have searched on the net and found Ade’s service prices to be very competitive.

* A basic Will service with this company will cost you £180

* The Trusts and Power of Attorney are separate services which are charged at £450 each- However, if you take out both a Trust and Power of Attorney then the total for the two would only be £550!!

However, thankfully he offers a service where you can pay by installments over 3 months which certainly makes it more attainable.

*** OFFER***

Ade at Maximum Inheritance Services is also offering  a £50 M&S voucher for anyone who is interested in the service and becomes a client before the end of JULY!

 DISCLAIMER: I was asked to review the total service from Maximum Inheritance Specialists with Ade free of charge however, all thoughts and views are my own. No other payment was received.