The joy of upcycling

Although I upcycled a welsh style dresser a few years ago now for my hall after spotting it in a charity shop and thinking it was just perfect for the space I had and what I needed to store there. It was a real struggle for me physically because of my illness but I was determined to do it myself without the help of anyone and took full pleasure in standing back at the end chuffed with the result and knowing that it was all my own hard work.

Since then I have dabbled with small projects again to do something just for me and also to enjoy doing the whole thing by myself. When most of your days are spent at home it’s nice to be able to have some sort of purpose or job as it were.

So I have done this gorgeous old carry box that was bought for me at a second hand vintage shop by my Mum. After it was hidden away in my¬†junk spare room I finally came across it again after a good ‘ol clear out. Originally I had thought this would be fab painted up in a bright colour with some herb pots in it. But when I rediscovered it again I thought immediately it would make a brilliant ‘work in projects’ box for my knitting and crochet.

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