The ABC of Me!

A while ago I was tagged by the very lovely Mummy on The Edge for an A-Z of Me!! This has taken me ages to do as there has been so much going on recently. But at last here it is.

Some of these you may already know and some you definitely won’t.

A- Age, Ok I hate to admit it but I am 41 ( quickly approaching 42)

B- Belfast, the place I was born and grew up.

C- Caring, but find it hard to show it.

D- Determined to win the lottery one day.

E- Exhausted ALL OF THE TIME!

F- Food I love it in all it’s lovely forms.

G- Galaxy my all time favourite chocolate.

H- Husband, I have one and have been married for almost 18 yrs.

I- Indecisive, quick at making my mind up but just as quick to change it!

J- July, my birthday month.

K- Knitting, something I have gone back to recently and just love it.

L- Loyal, or I like to think I am as a friend.

M- M.E something I was diagnosed with almost 3 yrs ago!

N- Nap something I do A LOT due to the above.

O- Old, I hate the thought of getting older ENOUGH SAID.

P- Presents, lets face it who doesn’t like getting them.

Q- Queue‘s I hate them with a vengeance

R- RAF, I served around 7 years many, many moons ago.

S- Stubborn!!  Say no more.

T- Tracy, that would be my name.

U- U2, one of my favourite bands ( early years only!)

V- Vertically challenged at only 5ft 2″

W- Wing Walking, something I have done twice!

X- Xray vision– come on are you telling me you wouldn’t love this??

Y- Yummy Mummy.…………Yeah- a girl can dream can’t she?

Z- Zoo’s even now my kids are older and bored of them I still love a Zoo.

Ok so now I nominate:




6 thoughts on “The ABC of Me!

  1. Ooh, this one looks interesting. Thanks for the tag. As soon as my life gets a little less hectic, I will do it.

    Now to think of some interesting things about me, especially ones which start with a Z, X or Q. Mmmmm…..

    1. I get your point! Actually didn’t think about that just hate seeing people who were once ‘someone’ deteriorate almost back to being a child sometimes 🙁

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