Time for a teen room makeover

Time for a teen room makeover

My eldest son is about to turn 18 in April. In all fairness his room hasn’t been decorated as such since we had a whole house refurb about 7 yrs ago.

When we did the building work the boys went from sharing a room to having a room of their own. At the time we literally just split their bunk beds to make temporary singles for each room.

We kept the colours neutral so we could just easily change bedding/ curtains and posters or wall art to suit their changing tastes. This has worked very well up until now.

Now, as my son turns 18 we are looking to overhaul his room making it into a more adult looking space. There is plenty of room to fit a double bed which will be our priority. He is no longer a little boy but an almost 6ft young man and needs room to spread out. So definitely time for a teen room makeover.

double bed


Surprisingly, he still has his storage boxes under his bed overflowing with Lego and toys and games in his cupboards that depict younger age. Not because he wants them still but because we have failed to make the time to clear out to be honest. Up until recently he hasn’t really minded that much so there was no real urgency to it.

He still has a mountain of books so he would love something like these gorgeous leaning ladder style shelves to fill with books.

Colonial style bedroom by DA-Design


He’s into his music and has a keyboard which he has used since he did music GCSE at school. Now an electric guitar and some programming and recording tech has been added, which he spends a lot of his time doing.

He’s also due to go off to Uni in September, which I’m not looking forward to.But I think the music equipment will stay here for now until he finds his feet and I think his Uni room will not be big enough to fit it all in!

We have put this job off for all of last year really. Not through any other reason than lack of inspiration, even he doesn’t really know what he wants, except for the double bed.

Recently though I have been trawling the internet which has been an amazing resource for boys bedroom ideas regardless of the age group or what they are into. I’ve lost hours searching through Pinterest, home decor sites and even other blogger makeover posts. I think when they are little it is so much easier to come up with ideas or themes and products to fit any size or style of room.

Have any of you done a recent teen room makeover? I would love to hear any of your ideas and see what you chose for your teens room

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