Walkers Mighty Lights Review

I was lucky enough to come home from a great camping holiday, with the home journey from hell (thanks to the very lovely M25!) to these beauties:







I know a fab welcome home gift! Sent for us to review and give our opinion on.

Now I could just open them and throw them at the tween and teen as though they were wild animals in the zoo ( let’s face it they act like it most of the time) however, the most I would get from them is a grunt of approval for not force feeding them fruit and veg.

It became apparent that the only one showing lots of interest in both the box and the bags was the ‘Diva’ of the house- No not me you evil lot *glares all around* my 3 year old cat who literally rules this school!

So much so that I couldn’t even turn my back from a bag or I was faced with this:









She’s a bit like the man from Del Monte (remember him or am I just showing my age?- no don’t answer that) if she approves then it’s a YES all round!

The DIVA CAT says YES!








Now these crisps were given the thumbs up in this gaff and not just because the Diva Cat said so. First of all we like ridged crisps- they just make you feel your getting more for your money somehow ( c’mon you know the feeling of opening a bag of crisps and being disappointed at the measly amount inside). To be honest ready salted goes down well with us and these Walkers Mighty Lights were no different, in fact they had almost a ‘meaty’ flavour of their own which we all commented on (apart from the cat as that would be silly!).

Here’s the technical stuff:

 They come in 3 flavours- Roast Chicken, Cheese and Onion and Lightly Salted

There is approx 114 cals / 4.7g fat (0.5g sats) in each bag

They are 30% less fat than normal crisps

They are ridged (my fav’s)

There are no artificial flavours or preservatives or MSG, they are suitable for vegetarians, and are a source of Fibre!

So being lower in fat you don’t feel as guilty when you treat yourself to a bag or pop them into the kids lunches.

Now my absolute fav flavour crisp is Salt and Vinegar however they don’t do this flavour in Mighty Lights as yet but I will keep my fingers crossed for the future.

But don’t just take the Diva Cat’s word for it why not try them for yourselves?


DISCLOSURE: I was sent the items for review purposes and was compensated for my time- however, all words and views are my own- I can’t help it I like crisps!

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