When your teenager can still surprise you…..

My youngest son is 15 going on 35 so mature for his age group and acts like he is an adult!

As most of you will know if you have teen boys they hit that point where they stop asking you every 5 minutes ‘what we are doing today?’ and hole themselves up in their bedrooms, curtains closed, headphones on with games controllers in their hands and either ignoring you or telling you to get out of their rooms.

This pretty much sums up my youngest for about the past year, where it has been pretty hard to get him motivated with anything. Then Sunday out of nowhere he comes down to the table in the lounge and sets up an area so he can make a model of a tank. Yes I know I thought I was hallucinating too! From 2pm he worked on it all day until around 9ish in the evening breaking only to have his dinner. To be bloody honest I don’t think I have witnessed him sit in one place for anywhere near that long before (even when he is gaming he is up and down stairs getting food and drinks).

Then on Monday after school he came in got changed and then started again. I could not believe it. He even got me to order another model online so he had something to start once he finished the tank. Even now I cannot believe I am writing these words! Last night around 8 o’clock he proudly brought it over to show me. He had actually done a great job, he is the most inpatient kid I know and would normally have several devices on the go at any one time. OK so yes he had headphones on watching The Big Bang Theory on his Ipad in the backround, but he still ploughed on through with all the fiddly time consuming bits that you have to do, filing, glueing and waiting for things to dry before moving on.

Now he just needs to paint it but I am super proud that he pulled himself away from his games to do something constructive, and the fact he spent that much time downstairs in our company to boot. I am not fooling myself, probably by the time the weekend comes the novelty will have worn off and he will be back gaming non stop, but for now I am going to wallow in the fact he is doing something different and spending more time in our company…………..and if that costs me a small fortune in models then so be it.





2 thoughts on “When your teenager can still surprise you…..

    1. I know I do hope it lasts as it will help enormously with his levels of concentration- something he struggles with!! 🙂

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