Who decorates your Christmas Tree?- The Nosey Bloggers Christmas Tree Linky

Are you a mum who can pop up the tree and hand your kids a box of decorations to do as they wish, killing 2 birds with 1 stone as they say- kids happy to do it and one less job for mum?

I confess I am DEFINITELY not one of those mums! I wish I could be but for some reason I get all OCD when it comes to my Christmas decorations and tree. It has to be ‘just so’ and even when it is done I constantly adjust for a day or two until I’m happy with it.

However, this as you can imagine takes forever. I am not OCD with anything else ( I don’t think) so why Christmas decs?

I’m still not happy with the lights……….400 on there and not bright enough yet!

I’m also very nosey and love to look at other people’s Chritmas trees………….

so pop over to Cass at TheĀ  Diary of a Frugal Family to take a look at hers and also lots of others on herĀ  NOSEY BLOGGERS CHRISTMAS TREE LINKY




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