Will you live until your 90?

Would you actually want to live until you are 90?

I recently had a family visit to Belfast for my nan’s 90th birthday. It was a great trip as I went with my youngest from London, my mum flew in from Exeter and my brother and his youngest flew in from New York. So it was great to all get together for a long weekend.

The hotel was amazing ( and that’s all thanks to my mum for booking…….and paying!), with a swimming pool, a great bar restaurant, plush rooms with king size beds and amazing breakfasts. Need I say more?

Anyway the whole reason for going was to have a get together to celebrate her 90th birthday.

Here she is with me and my youngest on the day we arrived when we popped up to see her. I think she looks amazing for 90 years old, don’t you?

But that got me thinking………………………how many people would actually want to live to that ripe old age?

I’m not sure I actually would. I’m 42 now *cough* and therefore that would mean another 48 years to go. If I was fit and healthy then I would probably accept the deterioration in mobility and possibly memory and feel darn lucky to get to that age.

However, after 4 years with M.E which sees overwhelming fatigue and chronic muscular pain that is part of my everyday living (along with headaches, IBS, nausea, photo and phono sensitiveness…………………………..and that’s a good day LOL ) I’m not sure I would want to get to that grand age.

No, correct that, I KNOW I wouldn’t want to live another 48 years with all those symptoms as a daily occurrence. The last 4 years have been relentless enough without contemplating another 48!!

I must admit though it was a great excuse to all go over there, see family, visit a few sights, eat lots of food and drink and live in a bit of luxury for a while.

So, what about you?

2 thoughts on “Will you live until your 90?

  1. Your gran certainly looks in fine fettle. My Great-Gran-In-Law is 92 and on top form in every way, including still wearing high heels whenever the occasion calls for it – which is more than I do!! I see myself easily living until 90 and beyond, but then I wouldn’t want to be clinging on to life or having life cling on to me if I wasn’t in really good mental and physical health, so I can totally understand your point of view with all you are dealing with at the moment.

    1. Ah thanks she does look great! Wow I’m impressed with yours still wearing heels LOL> Yes I would be the same if I was physically fit and well for that age but I think for me it could a huge chore if I was in the same boat as now along with all the age related stuff! 🙂

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