Winter gardening- do you bother?

Today was one of those overcast grey days, not raining or super cold and crisp, just grey. Looking out my kitchen door this is my view :

It’s not a bad size garden and I do love my decking but the rest is kind of drab! I think I’m like most people that come October time we get to the point were we just pack everything away for the winter.

All our garden furniture including the swing seat gets put under cover until the sun reappears next year!

The washing line gets put away and to be honest he only use it gets is my OH going out the back exit on his motorbike for work.

There are a lot of jobs that need doing but the only one we got done was thanks to my FIL when he built us our new shed.

I love my garden in the summer, having the door constantly open, washing out on the line, the BBQ on the go for dinner and occasionally eating outside. So it’s kind of depressing when everything gets packed up and hidden away and the door stays firmly shut.

Really the only other time we actually go out there is when this happens:

I do love a bit of snow!

My OH takes all the packing away very seriously as he hates to see stuff get ruined just because we couldn’t be bothered to make the effort to cover things up. He also every single year without fail puts a bird feeder out on the tree throughout the winter. So when I came across an article about preparing your garden for winter I was pleased that my OH does most of the things they suggest.This is probably why our furniture has lasted so long. But there is also advice on what to do in heavy snowfall to help prevent damage in your garden and lets face it after last years super long cold/ snowy weather then every tip can be useful.

But for all you serious gardeners out there they also have some amazing advice on what to do  from dealing with your shrubs to providing for the birds over the cold spell.

When my kids where a lot younger we still made use of the garden to get them out in the fresh air and get some exercise but now they are older they will tend to do their own thing so it gets a lot less use during the dark winter months.

Do you still use your garden in the winter?


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