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As many of you know I have M.E and with that brings symptoms of IBS unfortunately. This can be a real pain as I am a total latte addict and literally cannot walk past a Costa without buying my favourite vanilla latte as a treat. But as you can imagine this occasionally has unpleasant consequences ( I’m sure no more detail is needed!).

So when I was approached to try this new A2 milk I thought I might as well give it a go. Now apparently this milk haven’t got a certain protein in it that would appear in normal milk that can have a nasty affect on your digestive system. I found out that they dell it in my local Tesco store which although I don’t normally shop there I thought I would take a trip and check out this milk.


First of all I took a note of the price and a 4 pint bottle is priced at £1.99 so it’s a little more expensive than normal milk. I was lucky enough to have been sent vouchers for enough for a 2 week supply as they were trying to get people to switch for a 2 week period to see if they could feel the difference.

This meant I could have my porridge in the mornings and my homemade latte’s during the day ( a total weakness of mine!).


My Favourite- warmed milk with an Americano via my Tassimo!! Brilliant
My Favourite- warmed milk with an Americano via my Tassimo!! Brilliant

In all honesty at first I didn’t really notice a drastic change at all. However, when I then bought a latte outside that’s when I really noticed the difference. I found that when I bought a latte outside my digestive system was not happy at all and would let me know about it within about 30 minutes!  Thankfully I only get moderate  symptoms on a regular basis although some days are MUCH worse than others, so  can imagine this milk making a huge difference to those who really cannot tolerate normal milk.

This is where you then look at the price of the product and say it is worth paying that little bit extra, and anyone who suffers digestive problems I’m sure will agree they would try anything to ease the symptoms.

So why not check out the 2 week challenge yourself?

3 thoughts on “A2 Milk Review

  1. We drink a2 milk when we can get hold of it as although we don’t have any specific issues with milk usually, it definitely does have a positive effect on digestion. The kids think it tastes nicer too! Wish it was more widely available as our local supermarket doesn’t stock it. Goos to hear of what a benefit it has been to you. X

  2. Sounds like a breakthrough for people with your condition, or related ones. I’ve not seen A2 milk here in Tesco, Ireland. I must have a good look and see! xx

    1. I’m sure if I noticed the difference people with full blown IBS or other digestive problems would definitely notice a difference! Worth a try 🙂

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