Smiggle- Gift Voucher Giveaway

Smiggle- Gift Voucher Giveaway


I was invited recently to the Smiggle in Bluewater to open the next window on their Christmas advent calendar and see what treat could be waiting for me.

Anyone that has been to a Smiggle store will know it’s an explosion of colour and a total must for all stationary lovers. The store there is not huge but is very well stocked with both lots on the shelves and underneath the display tables. So I cannot see you having any trouble getting a particular item you may be after.

At the moment they have lots of their fabulous Christmas Advent Stockings, that retail at £28. That may sound a little extravagant but is in line with Lego or even Yankee candle (if you buy yourself one).

However, the goodies that are in the advent would cost around £40 if they were bought individually. So a bargain when you consider that and also a great alternative to just more chocolate.


There are the typical colour assumptions, pink for girls and blue for boys. But I love that there are also lots of alternatives that can be gender neutral. Some of the bits can work out quite expensive in my opinion. However, there are also some fabulous gifts that would be perfect for Christmas presents that work out at just £10-15 which is very budget friendly.

I particularly liked this design on a black background and perfect for little monster lovers!

There is also a wonderful little colouring area set up in this store and it was in use most of the time I was in the store. I was given the chance to peel off the next advent sticker from the window outside to get the next prize ( which I will include with the gift voucher giveaway as a little extra, it’s a Goo Glopper!

The store manager, Linda, has a great manner about her and she will find out if it’s your birthday and get the whole store to sing Happy Birthday to you, I actually heard the singing even before I reached the store as I came down the escalator towards it. You will recognise her as she has a huge whistle hanging around her neck and she’s not afraid to use it. You have been warned.

Anyway, I have a lovely £25 gift card and my Goo Glopper from behind the advent to giveaway to all you lovely stationary loving peeps. All you have to do is comment below with what you would use the voucher for and fill in the normal Rafflecopter below.

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69 thoughts on “Smiggle- Gift Voucher Giveaway

  1. Erm, so I’m not sure I answered the question about what I’d get with the voucher! I’d give it to my daughter as a present, and I’m sure she’d take an hour or more over trying to decide what to get with it in the shop if I let her! Some scented pens, a pencil case, maybe even one of those egg-shaped clocks we saw there last – who can say?

  2. I Would Buy My Nephews The Fairground Eraser Grabber, As I Know That They Would Love Playing With It Over And Over Again.

  3. My daughter is a huge smiggle fan she would spend it on one of their fancy pencil cases with all the buttons and calculators

  4. Me and my Son went into the Smiggle shop near us that has just opened, we had never heard of Smiggle before. We loved looking around so many cool things, we especially loved the pencil cases with all the cool compartments so I would definitely get one of them and spray marker pens they look like great fun. x

  5. I would spend it on a smiggle watch and alarm clock for my daughter as she has these and lots of other smiggle items on her Christmas list ?

  6. I’d buy a lava lamp I love them and i think sensory wise it would be great for my son, then i’d get him some scented pens

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