London Escaped Vampire Slayer Review

London Escaped Vampire Slayer Review

First of all I want to make it clear that this was my very first time in an escape room ever. So this review is based solely on that one experience rather than a comparison to other escape rooms of other styles. I was lucky enough to be asked to go along to London Escaped Vampire Slayer to review.

London Escaped have a couple of different rooms to experience such as the Da Vinci and The Prisoner. I went with a lovely group of escape room veterans via Love London Pop Ups to give their new Vampire Slayer game a try.

As someone who hasn’t been to an escape room before I was literally going in blind with absolutely no clue of what to expect. I knew there would be clues and puzzles to work out and obviously you are under a time pressure to ‘escape’. We were a group of 7 people and for this game they advise between 2-8 people. But it can accommodate up to 10 people if necessary and it lasts for 60 minutes. We were there for a 4pm start and at that point in the reception area it wasn’t busy. It was great opportunity for a novice like me to get a sneak peek into some of the other rooms.

London Escaped Vampire Slayer Review

London Escaped Vampire Slayer Review

At the start we are given some props and a walkie talkie, told the general story and advised to think outside the box.

When we went in I took a moment to just step back and observe the more experienced players in action. One of our group read out what was written on our scroll. This is the general lowdown on the story and prompts to guide you into thinking about what needs attempting first.

I don’t want to give any spoilers away for anyone thinking of doing it, however, I will say that at times this particular room was a little confusing with some things not making much sense. When this happened I stepped back and let the more experienced players take the lead, so I could at least try and learn something to take forward into other escape games in the future. We did in fact ask for clarification on 2 separate occasions in order to go forward with the game.

All of this at no point dampened my novice escape room spirits though. I was also getting swept up with watching how people worked out clues and took leading roles in projecting the game forward. This in itself is a bit of an eye opening crash course into how others see things that you don’t. How each individual sees and thinks differently can therefore help to keep the game going successfully.

For me I was very thankful I had this merry band of escape room veterans that helped us actually ‘escape’ the Vampire Slayer room in 54 minutes.

 *insert proud face and don’t mention the fact they did all the work.

After exiting and chatting about the game I was told by a few in the group that this particular room was probably not the best one for a novice to pop her escape room cherry in.

Did it put me off? Not for a second. I enjoyed it all as an overall experience and it definitely, in my case, got this 49 year old’s grey matter working overtime.

Would I do another escape room? ABSOLUTELY. This has given me a thirst to definitely do more.

So I would love to know if you have you been to London Escaped?
What room did you try?

Also,if you do go, let me know if you escaped or were turned to dust for the rest of eternity!


DISCLAIMER ** this experience was gifted for review purposes. These views are just my honest opinion of my experience there on that particular day**

**Prices start from around £30 per person and games can be booked online. Check out their offers available on the website before booking. They have a school holiday offer advertised on there at the moment**

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