Happiness is………..


It’s amazing how a little warmth and sunshine can affect your outlook on everything. So I got to thinking about all the little things that can be taken for granted yet they can bring so much pleasure. We have managed to cut the grass, wash all the windows (both done by hubby), clean the kitchen and get loads of jobs done on the laptop- minutes to a meeting, updating no follow links and sorted stuff on Ebay! Now I know my list should be family and health etc and I do appreciate those but I really am talking about the really little things.

Happiness is……..

*Being able to putt washing out on the line


* Daffodils in the Spring


* Catching the pancake IN the pan and not scraping it off the floor!


* Something home made


* Gorgeous pets











* Beautiful Skies



So what are the really small things that make you happy?

Holiday Driving Songs

On normal days when I’m driving I tend to listen to the radio, having no control over what plays next and deciding whether I like it or not. My OH is VERY different as he will always take CD’s in the car and listen to albums.

We have two teen boys who have very different musical tastes and will tend to have their headphones on!! However, they do actually like some of the music that we play, Queen, 80’s stuff, Pink Floyd etc. They will NOT under any circumstances tolerate my love for the Les Mis musical so I tend to use this A) when I want to get rid of them and B) to torture them LOL. (after years of toddler tantrums surely we can get our own back)

In saying that though when we venture of on our holidays, which is normally camping, we do tend to have more upbeat holiday sorts of songs. We tend to try and agree to something we all like………………………this is much easier said than done!

 Cumbrian-Cottages.co.uk have put together a holiday playlist ahead of the summer holiday ( fingers crossed for some sunshine) which you can take a look at here of summer style songs that would be perfect to get you in the holiday spirit as you drive to your destination.

                                                  Is your on the list?

Having taken a sneaky peek myself there are a few on there that bring back some fab summer and holiday memories for me.

*Holiday from Madonna played on my 1st abroad holiday without my parents!! A total anthem for me

*Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves is just a great feel good sunny day song as you drive to the beach!

And not forgetting the all time favourite played and sung for years on our short or long drives when the kids were little:

*The Wheels on the Bus!!  come on own up……………whether you like it or not you WILL know the words LOL

 So tell me what is your favourite holiday driving song is?


NB: This post comes to you in  collaboration with Cumbrian Cottages