Schools out- Summer Bucket List!

I have read a few posts lately about the impending school holidays. Love them or hate them they just won’t organise themselves!

I have found it much easier and more fun to organise when the boys were a lot younger. I envy  all of you with the 5-10 age group as there are LOTS of things you can do that cost NOTHING but a bit of time and planning- park picnics with friends, days at the beach, walks in the woods/ forests, kite flying…….and the list goes on.

However as they get older I find it becomes far more costly and a trip to the park is literally like you want to end their lives as they know it- SOOOOOOOOO uncool!!! Being able to get away with a ‘special’ trip to the cinema over the hols is now one of the main things they want to do……………….and money just does not grow on trees, whatever anyone tells you.

So I now find myself with a 15 and 12yr old, both boys ( and both mine- I didn’t just kidnap them off a random street), and the thought of trying to organise and keep a budget of any kind over the summer is virtually non existent.

However I will not be outdone, I will sort summer the summer hols, it will not break me *cough*. So here are a few things that I definitely want to include over the holidays, both for the kids, as a family, and some ‘just for me’ selfish ones thrown in too.

* Cinema trips- 1st to see Worlds End with the eldest ( as he is 15!) and 2nd to see The Internship with the 12 yr old (not my choice)

* Fishing day- this is already arranged with friends so I can say with confidence that this will happen- next wednesday to be exact!! ( I’m a fishing addict and proud LOL)

* See the Brainiac Live show that is showing at Bluewater and also up London hoping at least one of them will accompany me.

* Organise a huge swim day at a fun pool for both boys and whatever friends they want to bring. I have a 7 seater car so the more the merrier LOl

* Try the ‘Up at The 02’ experience, requested by my youngest- at £25 a ticket I have emailed them from my blog to see if they want a reviewer!! Cheeky I know but if you don’t ask you don’t get LOL- If not I will bite the bullet and let OH and youngest go.

* Take a trip on the new Greenwich cable car- with kids would be good but if they turn their noses up at it then just me and the OH!!

* A mammoth game of Monopoly as a family- this tends to go for hours and I can keep the arguing to a minimum by providing fizzy drink and sweets and snacks.

* Camping- we have actually booked this and are going for a week in Aug to the Isle of Wight!! I cannot wait

* Have some girlie friends round on a sunny evening to drink copious amounts of pink wine, talk crap and eat rubbish! ( even better get a take away)

* I would love a PJ’s day! Just for the sake of it, a lazy, not going out past the door, watching dvd’s all day just because I can!!

* A trip to my Mum’s in Plymouth- on my own LOL like that will ever happen!!! But you never know stranger things have happened as they say! My eldest is getting to go next week for a week on his own- to say I’m jealous would be the understatement of the day.

* Have friends round for a chilled out BBQ, everyone chipping in, kids off playing football out in the park and jugs of Pimms to enjoy for the adults.

* Get the pool up for the boys- I am nagging the OH as I type- he hates putting it up as It is huge- but may encourage youngest to invite his cronies round for the day!

* Sit in a lovely beer garden on a sunny afternoon enjoying a mega cold beer or G+T- this one with no kids and don’t really mind if it’s with girly friends or OH!

* Would love a day down at Dymchurch beach- a bit of a trek for us but worth it if you get the weather and time the tides right LOL

* A poker night! Ok maybe it’s not great to teach your kids to gamble but we love a game of Texas Hold’em in this house. We invested in a poker table with drink and chip holders!!

* A HUGE water fight while the weather is still hot, with friends as much more fun the more people you have- and we are lucky to have a huge park outside our back gate!! I feel a panic buy of water bombs coming on!

* Get to watch through the series 2 of The Killing in peace! I know I am behind on this but lets face it with it being subtitled I cannot exactly sit on Twitter and FB  iron or knit while watching it LOL

 * Become an expert in beating the teenagers butts at Swingball! One of the less energetic sports I can do LOL Just bought a new retro metal ‘old style’ proper one- BRING IT ON KIDS!

At the moment that is about it but I’m sure I will add some or change some along the way. Still hoping to get the teens dragged along involved in someway in at least some of my list, but only time will tell.

So wish me luck and let me know what’s on your list.


13 thoughts on “Schools out- Summer Bucket List!

  1. I love that your list is a great mix of things for the family and things for YOU! As a mum of younger ones I find making time for myself really hard. And you absolutely have to catch up on The Killing, it’s so good. I watched in when I was in active labour, pausing to breathe through contractions. I hear you on not being able to read subtitles and knit – but it’s worth it! Enjoy your list and summer.

    1. LOL I have no idea how you managed to concentrate on reading subtitles while in labour!!! That’s fab 🙂 I know it is easier to get some alone time now they are up in age- sometimes just an hour or so to have a coffee in peace or catch your favourite programme is heaven. Hope you manage a little ‘me’ time over the summer- you need to run the kids ragged and enjoy the early evening LOL x

    1. Hi kerrie thanks for popping over- I was spurred on by reading everyone elses on Twitter. It’s a good plan to write one up as that way you will at least include some of those things. How old are your kids? 🙂

  2. Ohh sounds like you’ll have a great summer….Lots of fab things planned!!
    My two fall into the 5-10 years old group….One 5 the other 10…lol So at the moment you’re right a lot of the things my two want to do are free….

    1. That age group are fab- easily pleased with meeting friends and having picnics, water fun, baking etc!! I’m hoping most of my list goes to plan LOL Thanks for popping over 🙂

  3. I am trying to compile a list at the mo…as the little people range in age from 5 to 13 this is proving tricky !!but I will get there and they will have fun whether they like it or not!!!!!!

    1. Oh that is difficult unless the eldest likes helping with the younger ones! I have decided to split some of the things between my 2 that way I’m not dragging one along to something they don’t like and ruining it for the other LOL I know that’s virtually impossible for your children’s age group though 🙁 Thanks for popping over x

  4. Very impressed with your list! Because of my particular kids only certain activities are suitable, but I do have a list, and this summer I’m trying to hook up with other families so I don’t be missing out on adult company – and the kids usually enjoy having extra people around too 🙂

    1. Yes it’s a great idea to try and meet up with others as sometimes the kids are better entertained with other kids and it’s fab for us to get some adult conversation!! I certainly get were your coming from LOL- hope you enjoy yours 🙂

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