Summer Bucket List Update

Yes we are one full week into our summer break. As we were finishing for the summer I decided to get a list of things together to accomplish over the holidays, some for the family and others selfishly for me! To check out my list here

So, one week in and already we have managed to:

*set the pool up with much nagging to the OH….

Complete with very brave or stupid cat!!

We have also completed our full day’s fishing with lots of fab catches:

Youngest’s biggest catch to date!
Not my biggest to date but biggest I caught that day!
OH had to get biggest of the day at 9lb15!!! He was gutted as wanted a double figure- over 10lb LOL

After a full days fishing I also managed to fit in my pj’s day!!! Not through choice but because the fishing day had taken it’s toll so I spent most of the day in bed and stayed in my jim jams for the rest of the day LOL…………….still that counts surely!

Also earlier in the week we found ourselves child free for an evening- Yes you heard me right- CHILD FREE!! So we treated ourselves to the cinema, Gallery seats at Bluewater no less- lots of leg room, super comfy seats and complimentary snacks and drinks………..don’t mind if we do.

Well here’s to next week to see what I can knock of the list- wish me luck.

How’s your Summer Bucket List going?


2 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List Update

  1. Have a bit of a summer bucket list going here too….but mine has to last a lot longer than yours. Teen Boy has school holidays since end of May!!

    I’m impressed with the size of your pool….and your catches! Fishing is definitely something my boy would love to try.

    Hope you enjoyed child free day. We had a child free WEEK recently when he went away on scout camp!

    Enjoy your summer break 🙂

    xx Jazzy

    1. I know I was telling my boys that over home we used to finish for summer around end of June!! I always think schools here go on far too long 🙂 Wow a child free week I bet you didn’t know yourself but secretly missed him loads LOL BTW the pool takes over our measly garden!! As for the fishing I Love it and we are on a mission for the ‘BArney Rubble’ (double! as in double figure in weight- these cockneys LOL 🙂

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