Wool thief strikes again!

So I thought that maybe she would have grown out of the ‘wool stealing’ phase when she grew from a kitten to a cat. WRONG!

I am an avid knitter and crocheter and generally have wool all over the place. My older cat who is over five has never, even as a kitten, paid much interest in my wool stash. She would get up beside me an be fascinated by the needles working and the strand of wool moving but that was it. My youngest cat who is now around two is a total wool addict ( like me) and wool stalker and has been since she entered our house!

I have a granny square style blanket on the go that I am making out of all my wool scraps, and I keep all the wool and the squares in a carry box and I now cover it with a towel to help stop her temptation…………………………………………………this however is all in vain.

Quite often I will come in from somewhere and see imediately that she has taken 2 or 3 balls all the way upstairs ( 2 flights) and the wool strands are all up the stairs and landing as proof. This week however, she really upped her game and my husband thought it was so funny he left it for me to see…………

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Our nutty tortoise neighbour!

Our nutty tortoise neighbour!

Yes we are one of those people who attracts all the nutters in animal form, don’t ask me how but it always happens.

The latest to our collection is our nutty tortoise neighbour, who constantly tries to get in our garden, has an aversion to trainers and will attack on sight. Now this would be totally unpleasant if the neighbour was actually human but alas this one is a fabulous feisty tortoise.

It has lived next door for the whole 17yrs we have been in our house. He even went missing for a year or two before turning up out of nowhere when they were re landscaping their garden. However, this week his perseverance has gone through the roof as my husband has been working at replacing our fencing between their house and ours.

This particular tortoise will stop at nothing to get in the garden as this picture shows:

our nutty tortoise neighbour
He spent ages trying to get through this space getting himself on his side to get through in the end.

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The One Where I get Pulled By the Police!

policeYes me! Miss Law Abiding Citizen, ex- driving instructor and wife to a……………POLICEMAN!!!

It happened just before Christmas. I had been visiting a friend and had stayed most of the day and had dinner there. A festive fab time had been had by all- although I stayed completely T-Total as I was driving home.

It’s a journey I have done hundreds of time and to be honest on those sorts of journeys it’s almost driven on auto pilot. It wasn’t busy on the roads and I was tired from the noise and activity of the day. To be honest i couldn’t wait to get back and get my pj’s on and have a good ol’ lug of mulled wine ( it was Christmas you know).

Anyway, I had gone through a junction when I noticed the flashing blue lights in my mirror. The car was typically steamed up from the cold and wet so when I noticed the flashing I just indicated, slowed down and pulled over towards the side so it could pass. when I checked again the flashing lights had gone so I indicated back out and started to drive off again. Suddenly the flashing lights where there again and my 13 year old suggested they may want me!!! Me??? Me??? Why would an ambulance want me.

So reluctantly I stopped and rolled down my driver side window to find A POLICE CAR next to me also with their window rolled down.

‘What colour was that red light you just went through then?’ said the officer in the passenger seat.

Well this sentence took a few seconds to sink in………red light……went through…….OMFG!!

So uncontrollably I went into a full ‘Tracy moment’ as my friends and family know it- that is me in full shock mode including very loud and sharp intake of breath and my hands both coming up to my face ( really I should have been an actress you no- so natural!) At this point the officer in the passenger seat started to laugh after a slight startle. I went fluently into auto babble saying how sorry I was, how I had been past there hundreds of time, how sorry I was, how I thought they were an ambulance so didn’t mean to drive off, how sorry I was………..

Now the driving officer had started to laugh and explained that obviously they had to stop me as I went through a red light but he could see it was unintentional and that I should take care on the drive home. Thank God for nice people eh- no ticket, no points on license, no arrest for failing to stop ( on the first occasion) and I even got a ‘Merry Christmas’ from them.

I was still babbling at this rate, how sorry I was, how it wouldn’t happen again, how sorry I was………

Talk about being reduced to a complete wreck. I should be hardened to a police stop, my husband tells me stories of what goes on all the time, I should have known it wasn’t crime of the century, no one was hurt, there was no near miss, I did (eventually) pull over.

But I tell you one thing. I could NOT be a professional criminal. I couldn’t take the pressure! I was guilty before I had even known I was guilty. Those poor officers must have thought I was a complete nutter, worryingly in charge of a car and children!

Still, I provided them with their entertainment for the evening, I’m sure the rest of their stops that evening where no were near as apologetic as myself.

Oh and my OH thought it was hilarious, no chance of keeping it secret with a 13 and 15 year old in the car.



Love a bit of record breaking???

Then check out this new CBBC show due to start 11th March, it will run on weekdays at 7.45am.

Now I know this is rather early and lets face it usually a manic time on school days! However, thank goodness for the record button LOL. So put it to good use if your house is as manic as mine in the mornings.

In the meantime have a look at the link below to get an idea of what to expect, cross the original Record Breakers, with all the mad and awesome stuff people get up to nowadays and your will be getting close!

Officially Amazing starts this week so don’t miss it!

So you will see things like……

Longest fingernails

Longest distance dog surfs on wave!

Heaviest sportsperson,

Most people crammed into a Mini

……..and much more!

So check it out here before the show starts

Things they used to say

My boys are now 12 and 14 years old. Most days I’m lucky enough to be grunted at, and if I’m even luckier ( is that a proper word?) they may well even have a proper chat that doesn’t begin with ‘ Can I have…….’

Anyway, after finding my Teenager Manual  ,yes I really did find it in the library, I started to reminisce about the little funny things they used to come out with.

So here’s a few of ours :

blackcurtains………………..for blackcurrant (juice)

stemming alive………………instead if staying alive ( The Bee Gees song!)

wanking wheel.………………for wagon wheel-yes this was said by my youngest although we wont mention this one until he is older!

go-go ……………………………for Gordon from Thomas the Tank Engine

scooby driver..…………………for screwdriver (my favourite)

These are just a few off the top of my head but there is a story to each of them which we still laugh about ( especially the wanking wheel one!! )

Now they are teens it’s more like

nuffink- nothing

s’up- what’s up

kk- Okay ( don’t ask me, text speak I think!)

That’s the stuff I can repeat in between their normal bouts of insult slinging and silent treatment. Oh the joys…..

Anyway, what do yours say for the words they just cannot pronounce yet?

I decided to link this post up to the lovely Actually Mummy‘s linky ‘What’s so funnee’

If you haven’t already been over there pop over and take a look or actually link up a post!

 She has committed to doing something funny for Comic Relief whilst raising money………so pop over and take a look at what she is going to do

Wot So Funee?

The truth hurts!

Yes it does, really it does.

Yesterday the truth hurt me…………..

I became a mother of a 14yr old!! ( can you feel the pain?)

That means I have to accept I am now OLD enough to have a 14yr old- not quite sure how that happened to be honest. One minute he was a bundle of gurgles and poo, I have watched him learn to walk and talk, ride a bike, go to school, learn to read and write. I remember his little words when he couldn’t say things properly:

‘Daddy where’s my scoobydriver?’  meaning screwdriver!!

Yesterday I was hit with the hammer of truth and it nearly knocked me out. I HAVE A 14YR OLD!!

The candles say it all- it was nearly a fire hazard!


So what have I got left to look forward to?

Strops- yes he does that already

Independence- Oh god help me

Drinking- not going there

Girls- The stress is too much





Sport Relief Run 2012

Yes it was that time of year that we love in this house of the good ol’ Sports Relief run. I must start by saying I have been chief photo taker for the past few years due to my M.E but that doesn’t stop me enjoying the day.

We set off to London on Sunday morning all ready to meet up with friends and do our bit for charity. The boys have raised some money together from friends and family, plus we registered for the run itself, and we purchased our 2012 Sport relief socks. So as a family we are happy that we have contributed enough to save a few children’s lives with the £5 vaccines.

Anyway, Sunday was a glorious day weather wise, and the atmosphere started on the train as most of the people travelling up there had some sort of Sport Relief attire!

Our motley crew of runners!

So I was plonked in a great viewing spot and adopted my new title of ‘bag lady’ along with the photo taking………..who says I can’t multitask!

They headed of to the start line with JLS in their race, an I started celeb spotting. Jon Culshaw, Dame Kelly Holmes, Richard Hammond and his family, the GB Netball team, David Tennant (*swoons*) oh and of course JLS!!

JLS and their bodyguard!

Now I must admit that these boys do nothing for me at all, although I’m sure they are very nice and all. However, when they came towards me ‘celeb fever’ took over and I found myself shouting to my family opposite to slow down so I could play paparazzi to JLS before snapping my family!!! LIKE I SAY I DO NOT KNOW WHAT CAME OVER ME AT THAT POINT!!

My poor group trying to get my attention whilst I ignored them over celebs........SHAME ON ME!

So to make up for it I ditched celeb world and concentrated on snapping the family as they came past heading towards the finish line- it was the least I could do.

My eldest who came past first
My youngest in a police outfit chasing his burgler buddies!
The very proud clan with all their well earned medals

Now I would be lying through my teeth if I didn’t admit to being a little jealous of them. The atmosphere is fab for the spectators but it must be fantastic to be part of it yourself. So with that in mind I have decided that in the next Sport Relief in 2014 ( OH MY F**KING GOD MY ELDEST WILL BE ALMOST 16!!!!!- strike that thought) I should hire a wheelchair, ‘pimp my ride’ as they say and get a few of my fellow clan to pull or push me along!!!

That way I don’t have to do what I did on Sunday and cheat by ‘borrowing’ someone’s medal for my picture!!



So did you take part in the mile where you were?

Journey 2- The Mysterious Island

I was lucky enough to be invited to the screening of Journey 2 The Mysterious Island last weekend, we had seen the first film so generally had an idea what to expect.

However, when we arrived at the Vue in London we were taken by surprise as we were met by allsorts of snakes, spiders and lizards!! Not what you expect when you go to see a film!

Anyway, this had my youngest totally in his element. As both myself and my eldest wandered casually around eating the lovely croissants and drinking juice cocktails that had been supplied, my youngest went around trying to hold everything he could( this may have had something to do with the toys they were giving away to the kids who bravely held them)!

That's only a snippet of the lovely breakfast goodies!!

At one point a very nice lady politely asked me if I would like to try some snacks but as I looked at the plate it was true ‘Bush Tucker Trial’ stuff. I’m not kidding, she just laughed when I politely declined but asked to take a photo ( a true blogger me!).

I thought Ant & Dec were going to jump out and say I had to eat the lot!

Then it was time to go into the cinema. We got our 3D glasses at the ready and took our seats.

Now if I’m honest after seeing the first film ( that was a birthday treat if you don’t mind- funny how our birthdays always get taken over by the kids ideas!!) I wasn’t really expecting too much. However, I was pleasantly surprised. There was an element of comedy that was aimed both at the kids and the adults with a little obvious slapstick for the youngest of watchers too. The serious charm of Michael Caine as the grandfather was a great match against Dwayne Johnson ( who I expected to be slightly wooden but surprisingly wasn’t). The little one liners between them kept a great rivalry going. Watch out for Dwayne’s ‘pec’s’ talk………..hilarious.But Luis Guzman as Gabato played the comedy character you couldn’t help but like…….Bless him.

So premise of the story if you don’t know:

Sean gets crypted messages from a ‘mysterious island’, Hank ( stepdad) helps him uncover the code and accompanies him find the island. Gabato and his daughter help them get there by using their helicopter. Long story short…….they get there by default, find Sean’s long lost grandfather (Caine) and have to find a way off the island as it’s sinking!! Cue the Nautilus/ Atlantis slant.

Anyway, all in all a great film to take the kids too over the coming half term. Action, adventure and a splash of comedy makes for a kids film that even the parents may admit to enjoying for what it is.

The film has been rated as a PG and has a running time of 94mins

The 2 silhouettes are my boys trying to blend in with the poster!!

Declaration: I was given the free tickets to review this film, however all opinions are my own!

Sorry about the quality of the photos…..I stupidly forgot my camera and had to rely on my Blackberry!!!

Thank You to the lovely Emily at Think Jam for the chance to review Journey 2 The Mysterious Island.

Are you a Record Breaker?

No neither am I however, I know a woman who is!!

It all happened over half term when we were invited to and event at the Guinness World Records HQ, and maybe in true Guinness World record style I will round up the day in the fastest time possible!!

Set your watches…………………and here goes:

Arrive GWR HQ

Meet and greet with other lovely bloggers

Eat some yummy food

Meet Worlds Biggest rabbit, Darius

Listen to Craig Glenday our very funny host for the day

Watch a few pics of weird record breakers

Demonstration by the World’s Fastest talker

Demonstration by John Farnborough

Tour around office

Sam Sam The Bubble man

More Tea and food

Attempt at breaking world record

Watch a real life Record breaker at work

Ride on the world’s fastest sofa

PHEW………..done it but it doesn’t do it justice!

We really did have a fantastic day and it was just as enjoyable for the adults too. It was lovely to meet some lovely bloggers to Rosie Scribble, Violet Posey,  How I like my Coffee,  Jo Beaufoix , Are we nearly there yet Mummy,  Sticky Fingers and I am Wit Wit Woo .

The World’s largest rabbit , Darius, was a real hit with the kids who swarmed it initially

and then we all got to get up close.

Yes nearly as big as a normal dog!

Craig Glenday the Editor-in-chief who was our main host for the afternoon was just brilliant. A real funny guy who was simply a mind of information with everything World Record related. He talked us through how they approve (or not) any new attempts- even the weird ones.

Sean, from Canada who is the world’s fastest talker was amazing and managed to recite ‘Bohemian Rhapsody in just 47 seconds!!

John Farnborough was a real hit with his football skills, although I think the adults appreciated this more as they knew how difficult it was. He holds a total of 5 world records for ‘keepy uppy’ ( not the technical title obviously) style football tricks!!

Not forgetting Sam Sam the Bubble man!! He did a great show and the kids absolutley loved him although some just couldn’t contain their excitement with the huge bubble…….just hilarious.

Oh and did I mention I now know a real Record Breaker? Yes I witnessed it with my own eyes that day as Kate from I am Wit Wit Woo became the world record holder for Domino Stacking!! No easy feat I can tell you. Other attempts from the rest of us were at Dice Stacking and Mr Potato Head ( putting him together the quickest!)

Me and OH with matching competitive streaks!


Youngest doing Mr Potato challenge!



Eldest trying the Dice Stacking

So, just as though we thought it couldn’t get any better we managed a ride on the World’s fastest Sofa! A real highlight of the day, we loved it.


I know it’s dark……..but it’s the FASTEST SOFA!!!


So a big thank you to the Guiness World Records HQ for a fantastic event!

Disclosure: I was sent a 2012 GWR book and my children left with fab gift bags!! So they were very happy.

Get me off this speeding train……………………………….called life!!

This week has passed with the blink of an eye!! Really I feel as though I stepped on a speeding train and forgot to get off. Lets face it life has been a bit of a whirlwind since the kids have gone back to school.

It started with Friday 23rd being my youngest sons 11th birthday. bless him he had done the 11+ test that week and was so glad to get it all over that he really couldn’t wait for his big day!

Yes shock of all shocks he had to go to school on his birthday! Life is so hard.

Now for some reason he though we might let him have the day off……..but we are bad parents and made him go to school anyway! But he had a great day there and had some lovely pressies from his good friends. That night he was going to milk it for all he was worth so we had present opening….

Followed by dinner out…………..TGI’s being his choice……………

Followed by cake…………………………….yum!!

Who doesn’t love chocolate caterpillar cake!!

Before all this we had a discussion on what he wanted to do for his birthday. A disco, cinema with some friends, a sleepover, Quasar, all the usual stuff. But although he loves to go to a party and is extremely sociable he wanted a day with the family……………..FISHING!!!!

one of his catches!

But the week didn’t stop there………..oh no. We had 2 secondary school visits, a doctors appointment, a dreded dentist appointment, all afterschool classes ( scouts, boys football/youth club, dance class, drama class) amongst all the usual shopping, washing, ironing……………….yes I know a familiar story to you all!!

Then came a last minute audition for my youngest up at Covent Garden which then re arranged all our plans to meet up with friends to take the kids all swimming ( while we catch up on the gossip!). So OH went one way and me and my youngest went another. Then on to friends for dinner, drinking, gossiping and far too late a night ( which was fab!) and then a hideouslyearly morning to get both boys to Scouts for a day Power Boating activity at Whitstable!!
It was the hottest day of the so called summer! The boys were away. We had the day to ourselves………..so what did we do……………………………….FISHING!!!

Now this is where I know I am being mentally affected by the pace of life!! I have the choice of what to do, a day out without kids, a whole day to do what we wanted……………and i chose fishing!!!!


Most people get a misd life crisis, indulge in implants,face lifts, radical hair do’s, wearing skirts that are too short or tops that are too low……………………………………………..Oh no not me………………I go fishing!!!!!

Someone save me from this insanity!!!!!!!
I need to get out more……………..or drink more………………….or both!!!!